Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Is it just me, or is gmail getting more conservative about account storage space?

When I first signed up for a Gmail account, they were all on the theme of "Why delete messages when you can archive instead?" The interface still makes it much more work to trash messages than to archive them (you have to select an option from a pull-down menu as opposed to just clicking a button).

But I could swear that when I got my account, at the bottom of my email listing, it proudly told me how much of my some-huge-number-of MB space I was using. And I was at 1% because the total was huge... Now, it says,

You are currently using 206 MB (8%) of your 2669 MB.

8%. In less than a year. Now, granted, I do a lot of publications editing, so people send me a lot of files, but this is not a good trend for a service that originally claimed it wanted us to "Save everything!" And I could swear that 2669 MB used to be something round, like 10,000 MB. Or 100,000? Am I making that up?

The Gmail servers also now occassionally report they are unable to complete an action (logging in, sending an email, or whatever) and request that I try again in a few seconds or a few minutes, and Bill recently reported that gmail refused to email a file because it was too large.

Does anyone know what's going on with them? Just failing to ramp up to more users? Or something else?
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