Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Going to bed now. Had a pretty decent day. Caro called and we talked for at least an hour. It was really good to have a talk like that with someone who knows so much about me, with whom I feel comfortable talking about just about anything, including concerns and stupid insecurities.

The knee doctor thinks I might have a torn ligament. he's sending me to a different knee doctor. The chiropractor seemed impressed by how messed up my neck is (rather than curve the correct way, it's mostly straight with a slight angle in the wrong direction). I got most of the front lawn mowed and some trimming done on the trees after sundown. Then Bill and I went for a walk. it was leftover beans and keilbasa for dinner, and Bill had made rice while I went shopping for gifts for some of our hosts in California. Michigan stuff. The rice was really good with the beans. Like I said, pretty nice day.

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