Anne (netmouse) wrote,

News from me

Enough of news passed on from other people, here's some news from me. Nothing terribly exciting, but I thought I'd share.

Let's see... I'm sick, but only slightly (seems like some sort of flu or something- stomach upset, then sore throat, and now achiness), and trying to recover in time to feel well at Windycon. Bill and I are heading to Chicago on Friday, where I will attend Windy on Saturday with Laura and Bill will hang out with other friends downtown and then we'll reunite on Sunday to celebrate Bill's birthday at his mom's house (murphyw's birthday is Nov. 15)

I've been poking around on the ConFusion website and have had a new site up and running in test mode for a week now. I'm pleased to say it's up and running in the main space this week, though I still need to get out the wrenches and plug in the online reg, which I've never meddled with before. Anyway, you can check the new site out at --our goals were for it to be streamlined and easy to use, which I hope you find it to be. I'll be at ConFusion and I hope to see you there.

Last weekend I helped put on the Ann Arbor Association for Women in Computing's annual Gala for the third year running. This is where we award the Top Michigan Women in Computing award and raise money for the annual scholarships we give out to women pursuing education in the IT field (any type of education, not just undergraduate degrees). Please spread the word that we're looking for nominees for next year's awards as well as applicants for the scholarships; we brought in over $20,000 this year in tickets and sponsorships and that will enable us to give out at least 4 $1,500 scholarships next year while also building up our endowment. This year Senator Debbie Stabenow was our Keynote Speaker, and I was delighted to meet the senator and shake her hand and all that. I was less involved with organizing the event than in previous years, and just wrote/edited the boigraphies that went into the program book again, as well as some of the ads, and helped set up and host the event itself. Oh, and I brought my company, Soar Technology, on as a sponsor. If you would be interested in serving on the committee for next year's Gala, please let me know; there's lots to do.

Oh, and I'm also on the penguicon committee as a guest of honor liaison wrangler. We still need a guest liaison or two - speak up if you're interested.

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