Anne (netmouse) wrote,

New political party name - what do you think?

Brendan and I are trying to figure out a good name for a new political party. One that would (at the very least) grab those states marked out in purple on the US map. (The ones where the separation between how many voted for Bush and how many voted for Kerry was less than %10). We have lot of political ideas of what a new party needs to focus on, but let's stick to practicalities for the moment. It needs a name. A name that has good, sensible connotations. One that does not have strong negative associations. One that can be pluralized to indicate members of the party (ever wonder why the Rainbow Party never got anywhere? Are you a Rainbow?).

Tonight Brendan had an idea we both liked: The Common Party. Members of the Common Party would be Commoners.

Interestingly enough, is already registered, by someone in Ohio. In June 2004, Mike McCaib called for a common party on On September 21 of this year, James Manning posted an argument for a 'Common Party' in his blog, "Peace on That" in a post that was linked to by Dell Gines.

I like it for its focus on common sense and finding commonalities.

What do you think?
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