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Zer Netmouse
August 19th, 2002
10:15 pm


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What I did do:
I did make an appointment with a chiropractor - Wednesday at 4 pm in Howell.
I did call and research Car Rental. it's all expensive, but my discounts through CitiTravel do help
I did reserve airplane tickets to Tami's wedding in October. I figure by the time we get back from California prices are already going up, so I wanted to do that.
I did research CV axle prices and determine that Ann Arbor Muffler is cheaper than Muffler Man despite Muffler Man's current promotion. At least for me. I didn't like the way the muffler man guys talked on the phone, either.
I did do a load of dishes
I did hang up the clean clothes, and am almost done folding the ones I want to fold
I did choose almost all my clothes and most of my jewlry for the conjose trip
I did go to the bank
I did go and get my x-rays back from that other Chiropractor
I did email Katie about California.
I did go to AAA and get traveler's checks and maps and tourbooks
I did call and order new checks for our checking account
I did call Huron Watershed Council about Rain Barrells.
I did call Fleet and check that our ballance had been transferred correctly.
I did talk with Dr. Stashuk about the AAEM conference and our posters. He will fund my expenses to go, and he will be responsible for printing the posters and actually getting them to the conference, once we pick what will go on them. He recommends power point to create them, though he hasn't done it before quite like that.
I did help my mom troubleshoot her phone line, which I guess is not working as it should.
I did collect a bunch of addresses and phone numbers in one place for our trip
I started on researching parks for camping along the trip
I did go to the AASFA meeting
I did pet the kittens (very important!)
I had frozen pizza with Bill (I added slices of home-grown tomato on top) and watched the end of our movie [Broadcast News- cut off last night when M called and we went to see Star Wars again five minutes later]

What I did not do:
I did not call the health insurance people about sports therapy (my knee)
I did not call the banks about re-financing our mortgage
I did not actually make any reservations in campgrounds
I did not talk to Bill about possible routes north and south
I didn't call Aunt PJ or Aunt Pam
I did not sand or otherwise work on the shelves.

something for tomorrow then.

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