Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Mirrormask: very fun. Serenity: liked it. But sad.

Went and saw MirrorMask on Sunday. It was beautiful and not as scary as I expected. Had a pacing all its own, like juggling. If you live near enough to Royal Oak to see it, I suggest you do so - who knows how wide the actual release will be, and I do recommend seeing it on the big screen. It's at the Main Art, in Royal Oak.

Saw Serenity on Friday. I even got a shotglass in a raffle that night - it says "Serenity", and "Brown Coats." It was fun. It made me laugh, it made me think about crying. I don't know what it would be like to watch it if you had not seen the show.

I think my favorite moment in Mirrormask is when Helena is asked to explain her riddle, "what's green and hangs on the wall and whistles?"

"A herring." said Helena.
"A herring isn't green." said the Sphinx.
"Well, you can paint a herring green." Hellena said.
"A herring doesn't hang on a wall!" cried the Sphinx.
"You can nail it to a wall!" answered Hellena.
"But, a Herring doesn't whistle!" insisted the Sphinx.
"Oh", said Helena, "Well, I just put that in there to keep it from being too obvious."

(dialogue only approximate)

In Serenity, I'm glad they did Wash's death the way they did - there and then not there and not drawn out or anything. Still, it was hard. I can't really imagine the crew without Wash, though I know there's talk of a sequel.

Two things bugged me. These are small things, I guess, but they bugged me.

1) River goes out the door to fight the reavers and throws back the medical pack, which Simon just told her he needed. But when Mal comes back the crew hasn't moved. The medical pack is lying on the ground, and no one is bandaged. This seemed very wrong to me, that they wouldn't take advantage of this part of River's gift to them.

2) They made no attempt to explain why the planet Miranda was not being used by the Reavers and looked completely untouched by them, despite the implication by the recording on the rescue shuttle that the Reavers had been crazed and violent planetside and had attacked the people in the rescue shuttle there on the planet.

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