Anne (netmouse) wrote,

comment I meant to post from this morning:

I am really enjoying our new sky blue bedsheets. Just about every time I walk into the bedroom I think how nice they look. It's quite happy-making.

Yesterday we had a lovely dinner party, With Kevin and Tammy and another friend, Mary, who is also an alumna of Grinnell College (as are both Bill and I - it's where we met).

Mary called us around 7 to say that she'd finished a part of her thesis and wanted to get out! of her apartment, so we invited her to join us. she's vegetarian, but we were conveniently making spaggetti anyway, so it was easy to just have the meat (kielbasa) separate until the last moment. I had made a salad and Bill made garlic bread with fresh basil on top, and we served it with parmesan on the table, and everyone seemed to get enough to eat.

The group worked together quite well, I thought. Mary's into sfnal things as well, so she and Kevin got right off talking about elfquest and we all talked about cons and books and various things. Mary was a little hyper on little sleep the previous night, and I had two glasses of wine and a can of mountain Dew, which is rather more stimulants than usual. Kevin seemed a little tired, but the conversation was quite burbling. No one managed to hold the floor for very long, but that was due to enthusiastic interjections and side comments, and definitely not any boredom or negative interruption. Tammy had brought World-Class Chocolate ice cream and we had that and oatmeal-raisin cookies for desert. Kevin had to head out after desert because he had a plane to catch the next day, but Tammy stayed for a while talking about programming and Confusion stuff with me, while Bill and Mary chatted in the other room. After Tammy left, I joined Mary and Bill and found mylsef part of a conversation about relationship ethics such as I don't think I'd had since leaving Grinnell. it was kind of neat.

I finished the website about Joe and Aimee's wedding and I was going to write some narrative about it, but standing around the drugstore waiting for a prescription to be filled has worn me down a bit, so I'm going to lie down and I'll write more later.

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