Anne (netmouse) wrote,

poetry assignment of the week

novapsyche's poetry assignment of the week: matrix poetry.

    I hear there comes a day when you know what to think...
    A basket case charges on, ready to forget the last sweating moment,
    to look forward to cool release and empty mind. Speak up, fight for what you need, and don't
    look back. Life's a game we're taught to hate. Love stinks, don't you know.

    You can hear me, in case you forgot. Look at me when I'm hurting you. Push back from the abyss of nothingness.
    One day our charges will grow up and pass us, cool and unfeeling, into the worldly game.
    Will they know us? Forget us? Speak their hearts as we taught them? Or be lost?
    When you think you're sweating the small stuff, remember what it means to be young. Love and let go. Or do I mean hold on?

hear day know think
case charges forget sweating
look cool speak what
back game taught love
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