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Zer Netmouse
August 19th, 2005
03:49 pm


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Date:August 19th, 2005 01:48 pm (UTC)

Time in a hard drive

may 19th
Just wanted to say that. Perfection in a man......I have more to say (big surprise no?) but I shall do that later as I am going to lay on the hammock on the porch and nap!

Jan 27th
So I have been a jet setter for the past few weeks! First I went to LA to go see some friends and help out at an ORC booth. That was an interesting experience. I can truly say that there are some people out there that see things that I have never ever seen in Tolkien's books. I did get to see several people whom I have not seen in a long time and and that was a joy. I also made some new friends who I hope will be old friends in the years to come.

I came home for 2 days much to the joy of mes chien and le chat. But off I went to SunDance. What an interesting experience. Went to many parties and saw many films. I saw my friend Neil who has a film in the festival called Mirrormask ( www.mirrormask.com ) it is by far the MOST AMAZING FILM i have seen in years. I was so happy to see and spend time with him. He is a doll and his brain is amazing. We had sushi one day as is our custom it seems. My friend who went to the film with me was blown away as well. Bless Neil, either he understands me perfectly well, or he ahs figured out how to make the appropriate noises during my rambles...
I also highly applaud Daniel and the Devil, a doc about Daniel Johnston as well as Ringers Lord of the fans. Daniel Johnston is a genius of the rarest breed.

Parties were good. I drank too much. At one particular party someone pulled the fire alarm and it was chaos. It was so cold and there were no cars to be had but luckily my friends and I had a vehicle. All 9 of us. Needless to say we were cozy and warm... very cozy.

I have made myself really sick it seems so I should toodle now. I need to rest before I go to try to figure out what is up with my new comp!

Oct 19 2004
Seattle in fall. I adore this time of year. The smells of damp, fireplaces and pumpkin pie! The fireplace in the front room has just now gone cold.
Time for tea and ponderings. Perhaps I shall watch a Jane Austen adaptation. Nicole is coming by later and we are going to look for house slippers. Don't know whay exactly but that is what she wants today. And heck, I could always use new shoes.. even if they are house slippers.
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