Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Anne Murphy is

meme gacked from tammylc

(The meme: type "(your name) is" into Google. Collect up the first 10 or so hits that work/you like. I've used the variation where you just grab the text directly from what Google returns, thus the strategically placed "..."s.)

Anne Murphy is a pediatric cardiologist with an interest in the regulation of contraction during development and in disease states.

Anne Murphy is commended for superb achievements ...

Anne Murphy is giving Star Performances in Central New York.

Anne Murphy is responsible for co-operative partnership development ...

Anne Murphy is smart, gorgeous, and young ...

Anne Murphy is one of the longest standing Irish dancers living in Germany.

Anne Murphy is reported to have said to the aforementioned gathering that "In the view of the CPGB, Stalin and his wretched cohorts ruled over societies which had absolutely nothing to do with socialism.

Anne Murphy is thinking along the same lines, albeit a bit more ambitiously.

Anne Murphy is a freelance writer in the Boston area.

(the only Anne KG Murphy is actually me:
Anne KG Murphy is my proof reader, and believe me she does a wonderful job.
:) )
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