Anne (netmouse) wrote,

If anyone is wondering why the sudden downturn in frequency of posting, a large part of it is the fact that our friend Laura's journal was deleted last week and suddenly LiveJournal was a depressing place to be. I will miss her posts a lot and it's probable that Bill will stop livejournal-ing altogether.

Also, my online time has been pretty busy in the past week getting the Souvenir Book and pocket program stuff edited for ConJose. And last week I was cleaning house in anticipation of a possible visit from Bill's mom, which wasn't happening but there had been confused communication (she was under the impression we might be going to visit her). And I did some prelim. work on programming contact stuff for ConFusion. And like I said in my last post, Bill and I had a nice weekend with lots of togetherness time.

K asked me to write about Joe Conat's wedding, and I do intend to do so, probably tomorrow or wednesday after I get the photos back.
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