Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Subtle cleaning - and - Is this your book?

I've been doing lots of subtle cleaning around the house in the last few days. Cleaning baseboards, scrubbing scuff marks off the staircase walls, removing mildew, dusting, vacuuming corners. There are a lot of corners in a two-story four-bedroom house.

Right now, since I couldn't sleep any more, I'm dusting my way through all the books piled on my side of the bed, on and beside the bedside table and the two crates we have stacked as a makeshift bookshelf. I just found a book I'm pretty sure is a loan that I don't think I'm ever going to read: Mary Magdalen, Myth and Metaphor, by Susan Haskins. Please let me know if it's yours. It will be in the living room bookcase next to The Power of Myth.

oh, and does someone have my copy of Lilo and Stitch? I feel like I loaned it out but I don't know to whom.

I'm also doing a fair amount of re-potting and potting plants. If you come 'round my house sometime soon and have any interest in owning a young spider plant, do let me know, 'cause ours have lots of younglings hanging from them.
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