Anne (netmouse) wrote,

yesterday went pretty well, I think, other than that it was very tiring.

I should mention that by mid-morning I had finished another Hugo-nominated story, the novelette, "Undone" by James Patrick Kelly (Asimov's 6/01). This was a neat story about time travel and starting over and the main character is this nifty thing who can morph her shape and encourage other things to grow, edit the DNA of her progeny and things like that. Some good ideas, but I have to say I prefered "Lobsters" by Charles Stross.

We had a nice breakfast with Ken and Liz. I did prep and Bill cooked -- scrambled eggs with chopped potatoes in them, and stir-fried steak, green pepper and onion (and toast). For future reference, Ken doesn't eat onion, though he encouraged me to put it in the dish for the flavor - he just picked it out to the side and did not eat it.

Around 12:30 Wyn was the first to show up for the concom meeting. Tammy and I agreed afterwards the concom meeting went really well, and we got a lot done. Tammy lead discussions and I did something called "stacking", where you track who is next to speak. This lets people signal the stacking person, who keeps a written list of the queue, and then they don't have to hold their hands up and tammy didn't have to try and guess who was next when she turned around after writing on the flip chart. The nice side effect was that I pretty much learned everyone's names. I could tell I was getting tired, though, when I called on Linda. "Who's Linda?" said Tammy. "Oh, right," I said, "Lisa." Luckily that was very close to the end of the meeting.

NB: neither Susan likes to be called Sue.

There were kids who accompanied the two Susans - for the most part they played downstairs in the fish room - they had brought games with them and also we loaned them a deck of cards and the chess set. They also assisted Bill in cooking the cheese sticks at break (and assisted in eating them at just under the rate of production). Bill was really great interacting with the kids, and even sat next to Susan's youngest and played some sort of game on paper with him through most of dinner at the Gourmet Garden.

After dinner Tammy and Jeff and Susan Harris came back to the house with us and helped finish cleanup. Bill crashed with a stuffy nose and eventually fell asleep in his clothes on the bed after reading. Susan left and Tammy and Jeff and I walked to Baskin Robins for ice cream. I splurged and had a double-scoop in a waffle cone, Worldwide chocolate and mint chocolate chip. It was really good and the walk and the company was nice, but when I got home I totally crashed from the sugar and didn't even have the energy to called Liz and Aimee to tell them I wasn't coming out for the bachelorette thing. I laid down on the couch to see if I could get my wind back, fell asleep for an hour, and finally just stumbled up to bed.

Today I slept in until 7:40. Yay!

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