Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I thought I was supposed to be getting better...

It seems that wednesday and thursday wore me out, because last night I was coughing something awful and had a rough time getting to sleep and now I can't speak or make a sound without coughing, it seems. At least I have work stuff I needed to read that I could do while lying down, and I have my notes with me from CHI that I've been meaning to type up. I don't want to get everyone at work sick, but I also don't want to take more time off. Working for home will be easier once I get a work laptop.

Our taxes weren't so bad, once I'd re-done them enough times I had the forms memorized. ;)

We owed on federal, but get a refund from Michigan. Funny how that is. substantial benefit from having donated my car to the local public broadcasting station. Michigan gives you a lot of credit for michigan-specific contributions. Every little bit helps.

The flowers are out, the sun is shining. I just wish I could, you know, breathe. I hear it's good for your health or something.
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