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Zer Netmouse
April 11th, 2005
06:28 pm


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Massachusetts: gay marriage alert!
There are a bunch of scary anti-gay marriage bills being considered, including one that cancel all the marriages of same-sex couples already performed, and another that would remove the judges who voted for it. There are also a few good bills, like one that would repeal the 1913 law that makes it harder for out of state couples to get married in MA. The public hearing on all of these bills is tomorrow afternoon!

Gakked from cos - go to his journal for more details and pass the word around to friends in the Boston area.

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Date:April 11th, 2005 08:23 pm (UTC)
As a poster noted on the original page, this is probably not the right time to hit the "Red Alert" button on those bills; there are an amazing number of really stupid bills proposed to legislatures all the time. This bill is going to the Judiciary committee (http://www.mass.gov/legis/comm/j19.htm). Going up in arms about this bill before its first committee hearing is probably just going to desensitize the representatives to such comments. The only time I'd write in about a bill in this early stage is if my representative was on the committee, and if it seemed like the bill was trying to sneak something past them, or was about a technical topic where I'd have reason to think I was a more qualified expert than my rep was. That's not the case here, so I'd suggest holding off on the letter-writing until/unless one of these bills fails to get laughed off the floor on the first read.
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