Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Nice to be home

I'm home, and the weather is so very fine! While I was in Portland everything was so green and the trees were blooming and I worried I would come home to a brown Michigan, but the weather is nice and has been nice, so the flowers are coming up and besides it's just nice to be home. Last night Bill and I walked over to Knights and got take-out and went to Vets park and had a picnic. Steak and Potatos, sitting in the sun at a picnic table. It got a little chilly as the sun set, but then the wind went away and it was fine.

Today I went down and did Tai Chi with a small group at the cube. Gabriel Chin's memorial service is at 3 pm this afternoon at Bethlehem United Church of Christ, 423 S. Fourth Ave, Ann Arbor, 48104.

Bill is getting started on our garden right now. While I was gone he did a lot of housework and cleaned the garage. I was very impressed. I forgot to mention before that when I got back from Minicon there was a boquet of daisies waiting for me. It can be nice to be home. Now I'm home for a couple weeks then back off to Penguicon (which is just in Novi) and then to Chicago for the Nebulas.

I had a great time at CHI, and got to see yix and some family friends. I would post more but I want to get outside. :)
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