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Zer Netmouse
July 27th, 2002
07:44 am


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It's going to be a sticky one today. I think I'll turn the air conditioning on before the concom meeting, cool the place down.

Liz and Ken got here right around 5:30 last night, got the house tour, and called a bunch of people. They invited us to go with them to Steve and Jen's for Beer, Pizza and Karaoke. Bill planned to partake of the first two, I was hoping for the latter two. I offered to be designated driver and Ken seemed very pleased with that idea, so we were off.

Jen and Steve have this cute little house on a cul-de-sac or circle drive just off Platt between Packard and Washtenaw. Dean was there before us and Jessica showed up not long after, and we were already pretty packed into the living room. I heard Joe and Aimee were also coming and wondered what we would do when they got there - eventually the party kind of split into two groups, one inside and one on the patio, and that was all good. We didn't do karaoke but we did have a lot of fun hanging out and listenning to Joe and Ken and Steve tell stories, most of which seemed to start with "okay, this one time... we were really drunk, okay? and..." but of course, being these guys, they were all really funny stories. Bill and I were pretty quiet comparatively. But hey! it was fun.

Aimee had to go to the hospital for a while to see her grandpa, who has sepsis and pneumonia. I feel very lucky I wasn't going through something like that around my wedding. And her florist burned down last week. But she will have flowers. All will be well. We stayed at Jen and Steve's until about 12:30. I stayed ignorant of the time for a long time, which helped me stay awake, and i had a third piece of pizza shortly before we left.

This morning I woke up shortly after 6, rolled over and slept in until... 6:30. I had a small bowl of cereal and tidied up some more, ran the dishwasher, and I'm going to take a shower and have a try at that sleeping thing again.

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