Anne (netmouse) wrote,

domain registrations

Is there any way to look up what all domains someone owns? I know through whois you can check specific domains and find out who owns them, but can you go in the opposite direction as well?

And has anything ever been moved or resolved stating that someone has to be doing something with a domain name in order to retain it?

Just frustrated right now with the big registration houses... it's bad enough that there are so many speculative places that have claimed domains and are offering them for sale, but I also just became aware of Future Media Architects, who proudly proclaim that they own thousands of high-quality domain names and have no intention of parting with any of them. Part of the new way they want the internet to be used... and a way to portal people into their search engine, Oxide.

I came across them by typing in

I'd be curious to know what'all domains FMA has control of and it seems like there ought to be a way to look that up...

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