Anne (netmouse) wrote,

*sigh* email problems

Okay, my email must be fucked because I never get this little email. I haven't gotten any substantial junkmail since 3:45 this morning and a glance at yahoo groups indicates there really *is* chatter going on on the concom list, I'm just not receiving it. And I've gotten at least one person telling me that email was bouncing as undeliverable. At least this didn't happen *before* ConFusion.

random things are getting through, but for the moment you should assume that if you've emailed me since 3 am this morning, I haven't gotten it.

this would be a good time to actually activate the gmail account someone gave me an invitation for a few months ago. [...]


thanks, guys, that was very fast response on the request for a gmail invite. I now have a gmail account, username akgmurphy ---that should be my username at as well, come monday.

I just received a few emails from this morning as well as some email from this afternoon, so hopefully things going to are just floating somewhere and delayed, not lost.
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