Anne (netmouse) wrote,

last day at the Caravan Shop

Yesterday was my last day working at The Caravan Shop. It was nice, Rhonda brought cupcakes and gave me a going away present and made sure they had my cell phone number... :)

My sister called me late last night to check was it my last day and how was I doing and everything, which was nice. "So you get get to sleep in tomorrow?" she asked.

"Well, not really," I answered.

Must get the trash out, pack, do a couple job hunt calls and errands, pick up the gift baskets, go to the chiropractor, create the phone list and a list of other things we still need to print or produce (coffee-with sign-up sheets, pizza and pajama party sign-up sheets, coloring book, SFOHA equip. sign-out sheet), swing by my parents' house to borrow some of dad's drums, stop by the Cube to make sure the truck crew gets in okay and supervise a litte, and catch up with Krysta to drop her car at Catherine's so we can procede to the hotel.

I slept in a little, though, compared to yesterday.

Everybody who's coming to ConFusion, I will see you soon,a nd I am very excited!

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