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We have successfully chosen the paint colors for the basement and probably even the carpeting. Sunday morning we put the base coat of white on the finished part of the wall and today we put on the first coat of the "sonic blue" that we chose to be the base color for the walls. The plan is to add some darker blue texture suggesting depth on the wall where the fishtanks are going.

The carpet color we like is a sort of dark sea green they call "pacific ocean" - it's just the right color so that Bill, who is slightly blue-green colorblind, perceives it as blue whereas most of the world will consider it green. Luckily, Bill doesn't mind that one bit.

It's nice that we still like the blue color now that it's on one wall.

In other news, I got called back for a second round of interviews at a company I'd really like to work for. I have to give a presentation on some HCI topic. I'm currently considering Locomotion and the perception of virtual information spaces *or* a sort of book review/commentary on Affective Computing It's only supposed to be a 15 minute presentation, shouldn't be a big deal.

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