Anne (netmouse) wrote,


Yesterday I was yawning all afternoon.

After dinner we were too tired to do anything after dinner but go up to bed.

(unfortunately we were so tired we left the rest of the lovely herbed chicken breasts Bill had cooked the previous day in their bowl out on the counter. They were covered in plastic wrap but out all night. Dare we eat them? I hate to throw out food so wonderful. Such a shame)

too tired to respond to mom and dad's invitation to come see a movie with anything but "we're enjoying our quiet evening at home." -after that phone call Bill brushed his teeth and shucked his clothes and went to bed for real. I still thought I was napping for a little while but didn't even get my teeth brushed between my nap and sleep for the night.

Even this morning, I'm tired.

Tired enough I wrote "Milk" on the shopping list and then poured my cereal.

thankfully, yogurt can suffice as a replacement for milk in this case.

Hope you all have a good new year's eve (and aren't this tired),


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