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Zer Netmouse
December 29th, 2004
06:05 am


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Christmas continues to be good...
Though it's feeling kind of long at this point.

We're having an extended christmas - Friday we had everyone here for dinner, Saturday we spent with my parents at their house. Sunday we served brunch here to the family including my friend Jenny Page. Bill's mom headed home at the end and we proceded to have a lazy visit with Jenny, which was nice. Bill napped after visiting and I should have though on the other hand Sarah and I had a really nice walk through the woods. We didn't really get much done after that, being pretty zonked.

Monday we went up to Flint for Christmas with my grandma and her cat PC. (That's not a computer reference, it's short for Pussy Cat.) That was a nice visit too though my stomach was acting increasingly unhappy and I spent a considerable part of the evening curled up on the couch reading the first half of a really bad romance novel my grandmother had out 'cause she was reading it.

[she gave sarah and I each a christmas-print turtleneck and a christmas pin. She also gave Bill and me some more christmas decorations and a rather decent set of three christmas porcelain serving dishes. Bill commented later it feels like we get some sort of unfair "married" bonus in the gift department as compared to Sarah.]

Grandma seemed to like the things we gave her but she seemed to like even more the fact that us grandkids stayed after mom and dad left and helped her clean and put away all the dishes.

Yesterday I went back to work and in the evening we had christmas with the old west side group of family friends. That's a great group of people, mostly my parents' age, and I always enjoy seeing them. Before we went over, I did get enough time to make Lorraine Garland's travel arrangements to come to confusion, and was pleased to see that Northwest has cut the round-trip fare between MSP and DTW to 222.70 --at that rate, as I told Bill, I'm tempted to go to Minicon.

I continue to suffer some indigestion, but Imodium AD is a wonderful thing and it's not bothering me much. The other health news is that I seem to be able to lie on my right side without twinges in my shoulder. This is very nice.

I work through Friday and then have another three-day weekend off. So far no specific plans for New Year's eve, though there are a couple parties that are tempting if I have any energy left. That 1000 piece puzzle my sister gave me is also tempting.

Tonight is another dinner with family friends and then Thursday my sister and I might go out clothes shopping. She's here 'till Saturday.

It's frustrating that now is a busy time in ConFusion planning and I have almost no free time to do things like review the Program or, heck, write my Chair intro for the program book...

I'll get to it this weekend if not before.

Current Mood: sneezy

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Date:December 29th, 2004 07:10 am (UTC)
Thanks for the heads-up on the NWA fares! When I checked last week, the fare for my Minicon flights was $159 more than it is now. It's most likely an opportune time for me to book if I'm going to fly.

I hope it works for you to come. In the meanwhile, I'm glad your holidays are filled with so much good socializing, and I'm looking forward to ConFusion!
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