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Mom, dad, there's someone new in my life...

She's a Jetta.


Thanks, everyone for your comments on the earlier thread. I now have my first new car and I am very happy with it. She's dressed in red and I love the way she moves. She handles very easily with a light touch, and I'm surprised how fussy I feel about her since I first drove her away from the dealership. Bill predicted we would now fight over the garage and I thought "No..." but sure enough right when I got home I put the garage door opener on her visor and *couldn't* just leave her out in the snow...

I think I'm going to get a vanity plate for her [NETMSE or NETMSE2]. I like that extra ease of finding a car in the parking lot. But I can already recognize her - one thing that drew me to the volkswagons was that I learned to recognize them on my own, I was that drawn to the lines of the Jetta and Passat. That and recommendations from a couple key friends made me go check them out.

I was going to go right in and work on clearing space for two cars in the garage but then I remembered that I just gave blood and can't do any heavy lifting. It won't really make sense to have both of us park in there until we get rid of the Nova anyway - I'm not sure you're allowed to park a car with an expired license in the street, and with one car in the driveway two can't get in and out of the garage. It would really make more sense for Bill's car to park in the garage since he has to use it on a daily basis, but for him to get in and out I would have to park on the street and I don't want to do that. What are the odds they'd notice and ticket us in one week of parking the Nova in the street?

I called the car talk car donation program first thing this morning and we'll be donating the car before the end of the year. If anyone wants the trunk-mounted 6-cd changer and accompanying tape deck and radio, this is your last chance. First come, first serve.

My physical thereapist came out and took a look at the car, approved of the seats and everything. :) She might help me get a no smoking sticker to put someplace inside the car - her mom works on anti-smoking programs for teens.

It's something different, to be starting off with something brand new that's just yours. neat.
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