Anne (netmouse) wrote,

It's cool to have such a nice evening when you're that tired...

We had a big day at work yesterday. Brought in almost twice as much money as we have on any single day the rest of the year. That day was worth 10 or fifteen March days. It felt like a saturday, we were so busy. And hopefully today we do it all again.

Bill unexpectedly picked me up from work, with a surprise in the car - a christmas tree! Already decorated, even! It's a small (hmm... actually midsize) fake tree that someone on the Open Text social committee brought to the company party and didn't want anymore because her new husband is into real trees. Other than not smelling like a pine tree, it's really nice. And I've gotten increasingly allergic to pine trees over the years, (I get a rash from being pricked) and this way we can store it in the garage attic year 'round, already decorated! It came with lights and glass balls and a stand and everything, all for $30. Very neat.

We had just gotten started putting it back together (some of the lower branches came off when it got stuffed in its carrying case. Yes, it has a carrying case.) when Janann arrived. As a late birthday present to me she came over to cook dinner. Her timing couldn't have been better; I was exausted and in no shape to stand and cook. Bill helped her out and I went through the mail. Among other things we got a christmas tower from Harry and David as a gift from Bill's Aunt and Uncle, so we topped off a meal of shrimp pasta alfredo and brocoli with some wonderful baklava.

Thanks, guys.

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