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Good day

Today is Bill's birthday. Happy birthday, murphyw!

Yesterday we got a lot done on the basement. For those unfamiliar with the project, we are renovating our basement. We already knocked down a wall, creating a great room. Now we are refinishing two walls of the room, getting the electrical wiring replaced, planning to paint the ceiling, and now probably planning to have our stairs replaced, only later.

I got up around 6:30 and got going on clearing and scraping a wall to TSP it in preparation for painting. By the time Bill got up, the wall was scraped and the floor swept and, as Bill said, it was hard to see how much work I'd done.

By the end of the day, the room was in a similar state. Bill had knocked down the tiny slice of wall we'd left because it had wiring in it, which the electrician had disconnected on Saturday, he had removed the last of the ugly wood paneling from the north wall, we had scraped, scrubbed and TSP-ed both cement walls and caulked the cracks, and put most of a coat of sealant/paint on the cement walls. Bill had finished clearing from the ceiling the staples left over from the drop ceiling we tore down earlier, With Ken's help we had moved the bookshelves and the 75-gallon fishtank out of the room, and Bill and Ken had torn the carpet and tack strips off the stairs.

The room looks so much the way I had imagined it would look all day that I almost don't feel like we did anything. My arms feel it though. And there are five trashcans overfilled with deconstruction trash.

We rewarded ourselves by going out to The Real Seafood Co for dinner. It was a very enjoyable meal, but the dishes came just shy of the quality I kind of expected. Reminded me of tammylc's comment that she's had mixed results getting things there. Really, my salmon was overcooked and I came very close to sending it back. But the company was good. :)

Oh, and Ken also broght his circular saw and helped break down the last piece of piano (long story) that's been sitting in our garage, so we can now carry it out. We could hold a huge bonfire if we wanted to.

our "to do" list is now down to:

  • finishing the painting (we had to wait for the caulk to set)
  • shopping for light fixtures for the ceiling (we have until Saturday)
  • finishing clearing the room
  • putting up plastic and tarp to protect the wood-finished walls from paint, and the fish
  • painting the ceiling (renting a paint sprayer)
  • (possibly having the walls drywalled and insulated, then painting all the walls except the wood one)
  • building a stand for our other large fishtank
  • moving the fish
  • picking treatsments for the floor under the tanks at the back of the room, having that installed, moving the 175-gallon fishtank
  • picking carpeting, having it installed
  • picking couch(es) and getting them delivered
  • setting up the fishtanks...

jeez, that's a long list for "down to". And that doesn't include possibly having the stairs replaced along with the under-the-stairs storage which are both really poorly made, getting the new TV fr the room, and curtains and everything... but the room seems so much closer now than it did a month ago, I'm still very happy.

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