Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Vote! Vote Kerry!

I realized the other day that I haven't been very political on this journal lately, so I just wanted to remind people that I strongly advocate voting for Kerry/Edwards and not for Bush or anyone else for president (a vote for Garfield is a vote for Bush).

I haven't volunteered for the campaign like I'd hoped to, but I have challenged a few people who were planning to vote for Bush and, like many here, I have many many reasons for wanting him out of office. Also, from what I can tell, Kerry and Edwards are fine upstanding individuals who will defend many of the ideals I hold dear.

Do vote, and in case you're here in Washtenaw county, you should also vote for Lawrence Kestenbaum for county clerk, vote for Marilyn Kelly for the supreme court, and Deborah Thomas too. I've met Marilyn and was very impressed by her and I hear Deborah is also a good candidate.

I will probably oppose proposal 1, definitely oppose proposal 2, will vote for the mileage renewal for WCC and yes on the city proposal to make an exception to marijuana charges for medical cases. I'm not sure about proposal A yet.

for WCC trustees, I hear recommendations for Stephen J. Gill and Pamela J. Horiszny

I'm interested in other people's comments about positions I have and have not mentioned.
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