Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Back from ConClave

We had a good time at ConClave. It was good to meet Anne Harris and andpuff, and I found my panels interesting. I had a good time hanging out with Bill and Rikhei and visiting with other friends. Generally I found a lot of the most fun people there are all on my concom already, which was neat. :)

(or used to be... I really do miss having Brendan on the concom).

Speaking of concoms, I have now agreed to be Cory Doctorow's Liaison for Penguicon, so I'm on another one. Bill is going to spare me the concom email traffic, though, just like Steve did last year.

We spent some time in the Penguicon party Saturday evening, which ended up being a Total Giggle Fest for me and Rikhei. You know how sometimes you start giggling and just can't stop, and when you do stop, the slightest thing can get you started again, and then it's also funny that you can't stop giggling and then tears are streaming down your face and you're coughing because laughing that much makes your nose run? We were both in that condition, and it was really fun. My face and my stomach are still sore. A substantial amount of fudge probably had something to do with it...

(A bunch of people in the room with us thought we were really weird, I think, but were not above tickling us to exacerbate the situation. The interesting thing to me was we were both finding the same things funny, which the other people in the room {who were mostly guys} mostly didn't get the humor of. I think it's a kind of high. Well, I know it was - a sugar and giggling high, but it was also a shared thing, which made it something more.)

Roxanne and Diane and Tammy and Eric and Jeff and Chuck were all stellar in helping run the ClubFusion party, which was very popular.

There weren't really very many parties, and not much in the program caught my eye other than what I was on, and the dance kind of sucked, so well, um, we had fun but I doubt I'll go again unless they get a guest I'm really crazy about. But we did have a good time. Now I'm going to stop with the "click-clicking" and go curl up with my husband and catch up on sleep.

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