Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Back from San Francisco

We had a good weekend, attending the wedding of some friends of ours who are terrifically sweet and had the most touching wedding I think I've ever been to, a quaker wedding in a gorgeous rose garden with the most sincere and open-hearted vows and comments from the assembled, followed by a reception where everyone kicked in to lay in the tables and chairs and decorate them and serve the meal and it was all very wonderful.

It was great to see some grinnellians we hadn't seen in too long, and Bill especially had fun bossing them around the night before the wedding as he ran a spontaneous workshop on how to make boutonnieres and corsages (Bill took floral arrangement in high school). And we fit in a visit to downtown/chinatown San Fran, with some really good Dim Sum and some shopping for the holidays.

I finally finished going over a manuscript for a friend of mine during time on the plane, but didn't find time to finished the Top Michigan Women in Computing biographies for AWC. I think a substantial part of tomorrow evening will have to go to that, while Bill is at juggling.

The time changes have us a little wacked now, and my shoulder got really sore. I should try to go to bed. Best regards to all.

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