Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Stressing, but good news about my shoulder

I saw my surgeon, Dr Janda on Monday. He was very upbeat about the condition of my shoulder and said I was 2-3 months ahead of the curve in healing. It will likely be another 6 months before I can comfortably lie on that side and I should ice on days with strenuous use whether it hurts or not, but I am down to exercises twice a week and with a stronger resistance and in another 3 months I go down to once a week which I am then supposed to maintain for the rest of my life. I already do my knee exercises once or twice a week, so that'll be just another part of my maintenance regimen.

I've been doing lots of walking and my legs, especially my left one, have been really tight down the back. I think it's partly that my sandals are about dead. I bought new ones a while ago but I haven't switched yet 'cause I know I'll have to break them in. On the shoe front, Bill has issued a new show penalty. Last night I dropped a recycling bin on my foot and it hurt like hell (my vision went and I felt like I might have fainted had I not almost immediately sat down). He pointed out, not entirely irrelevantly, that if I'd been wearing steel-toed shoes it wouldn't have hurt. Then he issued a shoe penalty. I think I'll go over to red wing sometime and pick out some steel-toes. It is strange for me not to own any.

I'm stressing a lot about the job front and also some AWC work I'm supposed to be doing. I made some good progress on Monday (I went to the Borders job fair and submitted an application and had an interview that I think went really poorly, and I also interviewed an AWC award winner and got some emails sent out) but have totally failed to follow up during the rest of the week. Tuesday night Eric Snyder and I got together about the ConFusion website, put more info up there, established priorities for him to work on. If anyone is interested in writing short blurbs about our GoHs, please let me know.

Last night I had an AWC Gala meeting for an hour and then Bill and Janann picked me up. Janann and I walked over to the Thai place in Westgate for dinner. It was nice to talk.

Part of the reason I'm stressing about work / job hunt is I want to tell my current boss I'm looking for a different position so that I can list her as a reference and generally so I don't feel like I'm sneaking around doing something that is sometime going to cause her an upsetting surprise. She could then at least accept applications from the people who come in randomly asking if we're hiring and I could tell prospective employers that they can contact my current one. I mean, my reasons for needing to leave this position are all external to it - I need to earn more and get benefits, it's part of my deal with Bill (and my career plan). I like the shop and I like working for her, but I need to look for something that more suits our needs. But I still think odds are perhaps 40% that she'll freak out. I don't think she can afford to fire me. I don't know what she'd do. Advice is welcome.

We came back from dinner and got talking about poetry and I pulled an Emily Dickinson collection off the shelf and read a few of her poems out loud. Her work never fails to delight me. I'm not crazy about all of it, but I just skip the poems that don't grab me... someday I should read the whole thing through. I have all of our poetry collected on a shelf now. There are only five books. Gifts of poetry would be most welcome. (My favorite poets are Dickinson, Ogden Nash, and Shell Silverstein. I am pitifully uneducated about other poets though. I don't own any Nash.)

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