Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Nice weekend so far...

Last night we went over to Jen and Steve's new house to visit with Aimee and Joe, who are in town for the week, and to baby shower them; their daughter is due in November. It was nice to sit swapping stories and advice about babies and pregnancy and to listen to what everyone had to say. There's so much wisdom that gets passed on at events like that. And I know a lot more about babies and nursing and such than I did a year ago (thanks, tammylc!) so I actually had something to contribute, which felt good.

In addition to something we sent through Babies R Us, we took them a signed copy of The Wolves in The Walls. Aimee seemed to have a hard time at first believing that the silver drawing of a wolf on the first page was one Neil had done himself, "Just for this book?" That was fun.

It was good to see everyone else too, especially Ken and Liz, Joe's mom Kathleen, and Kari and her daughter Eliza. Kari and I were never close in high school but manage to find more to talk about now. And Eliza is very sweet and fun (I don't know how old she is... 6?). At one point they put on Finding Nemo (with the sound almost off) and she came over to where I was cross-legged on the floor facing the TV and asked to sit in my lap. That was nice. And when they left Kari went around carrying Eliza to give goodnight smooches to everyone. I want to always remember how wonderful it is to have a kid have a close adult community to relate to like that.
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