Anne (netmouse) wrote,

MidFanzine #3 is printed (though I haven't seen one)

I am pleased to say that Midfanzine #3 was printed and duly distributed around Midwest Construction 3 in Columbus Ohio. Many thanks to matt_arnold for picking them up at Kinkos near the hotel. I was still here in Michigan and had emailed the 'zine to kinkos in three sections and they printed it up and stapled it. It's a marvelous world we live in.

I called the con around 9 last night and Matt Ragsdale sounded very up and said there were ten copies on the table there in the consuite and most people had taken theirs. We'll do another print run once I figure out how many Midfan members were not at MWC 3 to get their copy, and get their addresses. (Steven, if you're still looking for that missing line for your History of Midfan article, I can include it in the next print run.)

I was working on the 'zine up until almost ten Saturday morning, which made me five minutes late to work but nobody seemed put out. Tim was already there and the store already open. Last minute formatting included changing the file types of the comic images Kurt Erichsen had sent me. Word seemed to choke on the compressed tiff format. I'll have to look at the printouts and see how it went - I might reformat those higher res for the next print run as well.

Matt Arnold has also promised to make me a .pdf of Midfanzine 2 & 3 and we'll be doing a print run of those too as I've run out and am getting requests for copies. If anyone wants copies of any of these, please let me know. They are available for $3 or the Usual (trans: a submission or LOC).

It loos like Jim Murray will likely be the Editor of Midfanzine for the next year. I might return to it once I'm finished being ConFusion Chair, but in the meantime I'm looking forward to seeing what Jim does with it.

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