Anne (netmouse) wrote,

It seems my days go in waves. I had a really productive wave early this morning and then as Bill got in the shower and left I went down for a nap. After that I had another productive wave, nearly finished putting our paperback SF on the shelf unit in the bedroom and put other fiction around to other upstairs shelves. I emptied five boxes today. I'm almost out of space on the paperback unit and I still have another box of books - the As and Bs, I think.

Then a slow wave around lunch, watched Alladin and did some bills. Now back on a rising crest.

It's interesting to go back through school papers. I found a poem I wrote among my Epistomology of Systems Thinking references:

Rainy Day Reminders

Thank the trees for your shelter,
the grass for your air.
Thank the flowers for blooming,
the bees for their care.
Thank all the plants and animals
you eat -- and when you're done --
Oh, my child, don't forget
to stop and thank the Sun!



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