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Zer Netmouse
September 9th, 2004
11:28 pm


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Another busy evening
I went to an IT Zone open house after work, to network and try to push the job-getting. It also turned out to be a good opportunity to say "Hi" to the AWC gala planning committee folks who were there, and to many other people I've met during previous networking events.

At 8:00 Bill called on the cell to inform me that my great-uncle Don had passed away and my aunt had called. He then came and got me, which was nice. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning and doing laundry with Bill while also alternately talking to my Aunt and my grandma on the phone. It seems no one got a message to my dad before they went out to dinner tonight, so he'll probably find out late. Hopefully it won't be too upsetting for him. I wasn't close to my great-uncle, but we wanted to be there for the reset of the family and it was good to talk to my aunt and grandma. Pam is going to send me some material from her proofreading class, while she's thinking of it. At her suggestion we ran over to Don's house to leave a note for my cousin for when she gets to town from Kentucky tomorrow. It seems like one of those situations where he was out of touch and they couldn't reach him so then the family called the police who went in and found him, so there has to be an autopsy before there can be a funeral.

Bill and I are both fighting a sore throat, so I must go to bed now. There's so much I still wanted to do!

Strangest and most fun phone call of the day award goes to stardustgirl -- strange and fun are so often correlated in my life, you see. Have confidence you can do the Dream boots, my dear. I'm sure you will make them wonderful.

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Date:September 10th, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the great-uncle.

I spent the day inhaling glue and paint, and eating a fair amount of glitter. Eating the glitter was weird - it stuck to my fingers but when I put the hamburger down I noticed glittery thumbprints on the bun. I was too busy to stop and eat and it was coming up on 6pm so I decided I didn't care. Maybe glitterburgers will become a new food.
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