Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Thank-you to brendand for letting me know my computer date stamp was off. I went back and re-dated a couple entries. I was not in October already, really. Speaking of brendand, go wish him Happy Birthday!

Last night it was Wednesday. I'm sure this was obvious to most but I forgot it after work and tripped over to my parents house to take care of a couple things so when I called Bill to check in and see if he was going to juggling, he asked, "do you want a Jannan? I have one here!" and I realized it was Wednesday and I felt very silly. So Janann and Bill (novapsyche and murphyw) came and got me and we went home and made a sort of lasagna with wisconsin cheddar bratwurst and a mexican mix of cheese instead of mozzarella (a sort of wisexian cuisine, we decided with some giggling debate), and Bill was very sweet and ran out for ricotta and later to get rikhei from Ypsi, so we had four for dinner and therefore enough people to play Frank's Zoo, which Bill had brought home from Worldcon.

It was really great to see Janann and Rikhei, especially Rikhei whom we hadn't seen for months. The lasagna came out pretty well and the game was much fun. I even won, wow.

Tomorrow Bill's mom arrives for a weekend visit and on Saturday my sister Sarah and my parents return from vacationing up north and we're hosting dinner here. I just looked around this morning and realized I have a lot of cleaning (and unpacking) to do before then, eek. Better get started...
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