Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Got up early today and putzed around the office, filing things and unpacking boxes. I unpacked a box of files and notebooks from Grinnell that hasn't been unpacked since I moved to Chicago. I was surprized to note that many of my classes at grinnell covered more material and required thicker notebooks than my Waterloo classes. I shouldn't have been surprized, I guess - I know Grinnell is a better school - but my time at Waterloo was just so much more stressful than my time at Grinnell was, that it still surprises me at some level.

Last night we had dinner over at Tammy and Eric's and Tammy and I went over the Confusion budget while Eric and Bill did some gaming. It sounds so much more dignified to say they did some gaming than to say they played some games, which was the first way I thought to say it. I can see why someone made up the term gaming way back when.

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