Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Quick post

We're back from Worldcon! It was great - I had a wonderful time.

Let me explain. No -- it's too much. Let me sum up.

For the third con this year, I was acting as Neil Gaiman's personal assistant, variously refered to as his "minder" his "handler" or simply "his brain" for the weekend. This was fabulously fun and rewarding and resulted in my meeting quite a few very nifty people I wouldn't have otherwise met, and I even did it while fitting in time to help run the SFOHA table and record some things, some meals and other hanging out with my husband, and lots of (mostly brief) conversations and hugs with people I already know. I never went 20 minutes without running into someone I knew, and that made this the first worldcon that really felt like a family/close friends event. The cell phones made it especially easy to coordinate with Bill and other people. The only down part of that was that we seemed to be roaming or on extended network a lot of the time so our phone bill could be scary. It will be worth it, I think, but it would have been nicer not to have been the case.

Oh, and Emerald City won the Hugo award for best fanzine, and Cheryl was an utter sweetheart and thanked me in her acceptance speech as her proofreader, and I ran backstage after to give her a big hug and it was very exciting and happy-making.

more details later, I promise...
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