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Zer Netmouse
August 16th, 2004
12:23 pm


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I put off reading something by Neil Gaiman this weekend in favor of reading The Lord of Castle Black, by Steven Brust (lovely book!). Amusingly enough, it turns out I read something by Neil anyway - looking at the copyright page, I discovered that he wrote the Afterword ("A Book Review, Issued in the Form of a Circulating Document, Amplified and Enhanced with Observations from Life and Several Precepts for the Wise," by Ilen, a Magian)

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Date:August 16th, 2004 08:02 pm (UTC)
Sneaky,that Neil! Scribbling things all over the place. It's his secret plan for world domination, isn't it? ;-)

I interrupted reading (re-reading? It's the HH version) American Gods in order to read Cait's The Dry Salvages. Now I'm back to AG, but the House on the Rock bits serve as a nagging reminder that I didn't get up that way to shoot the Mars Cheese Castle signs this summer. They're not particularly close to one another, but it's one of those things you see a bazillion signs for along the highway, right up there with Ruby Falls, See Rock City, Meramec Caverns and all those other places. I wonder, do they have huge billboards in England saying "See Stonehenge!" ? And someone please tell me they don't have gift shops where you can buy litle Stonehenge bird houses, paperweights and the like...

I'm not really complaining about the tourist schlock. It was actually interesting to see all those cheesy things out west this year. It was charming in a pink-plastic flamingo sort of way.
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