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Just talked to my mom. Always an interestiing experience. She and dad might deliver my paperback bookshelf tonight. A few more shelves need staining, but I can do that. I need practice staining, anyway, for the other bookshelf and the stairs.

Last night we went to the gym, which felt really good. The long hiatus on gym-going while Bill's back has been bad has been no good for me. I need to be better about going by myself if I want to, or on bike trips by myself. little excersize mixed with a holiday full of food has been nigh-disastrous on this whole dieting concept. I weighed myself at the gym and I'm back up to 180. I sigh. Bill and I played around with soccer and frisbee some on the fourth, and on Saturday we went swimming and later played frisbee some more, but I think I'm going to have to do some biking or something between soccer games if I'm to get more tolerance of working out in the summer heat.

yesterday I made a long list of things to do around the house, split into big things and medium things. We did two yesterday - cleaning off the sun porch roof and moving the pine bookshelf upstairs into the office. The office feels much nicer now - the combined effect of being cozzier and having something dark on the wall behind me and of having that half of the room cleared of junk on the floor. Bill vacuumed once I got that part of the floor cleared. Now to get the whole floor cleared...

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