Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Going to Worldcon?

The Science Fiction Oral History Association is running a fan table. We're also hopefully recording large chunks of the con. Please let me know if you are coming and would be willing to:

  1. Sit at the fan table for an hour or two. (This is not just to be an ambassador of SFOHA, but also to manage flow of recording equipment to and from volunteers. We will likely be asking volunteers to give us something important to them as collatoral for the recording equipment when we loan it out, and that stuff must be gaurded {I don't know, do you think it's necessary to ask someone to swap an ID or credit card or something for equipment?})

  2. Help record (take recording equipment with you around to panels, ask people for permission to record, get them to sign slips, start and stop tape recorders. Even if you can't get everyone to sign a slip for lack of time, etc, make sure you have a list of who is on the recording and we can follow up. When in doubt, record.)

  3. Loan us recording equipment for the weekend or some subset of the weekend.

We will have blank tape to hand out - if you are bringing your own equipment but wish to use it yourself rather than loan it, we will supply you with media, or cover the cost of the media you brought and used, and swap you copies in exchange for originals (or, if you really really want to keep the originals but are willing to give us copies, we will be content with that, but we'd prefer originals.) Duplication will have to happen after the fact.

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