Anne (netmouse) wrote,

home from Mythcon

Well, I'm home from Mythcon. I have an hour and a half to nap before I have to leave for my chiropractic appointment. I really need more sleep than that.

I'm hoping the chiro appointment will help with an awful headache I've had for a week or so now.

How was mythcon? Mythcon was terrific in that magical way where you can have a really good time even if you're feeling physically kind of shitty throughout most of it. I was tired and didn't sleep well even the nights when I went to bed promptly.

I was assisting Neil Gaiman as I did at Penguicon, and again he was really sweet and easy to care for. I was more prepared to schedule appointments for interviews and such, and those went well, and somewhere in there word seemed to go 'round the convention that I was his publicist, which was interesting. Interesting in a kind of good, flattering way, I think. I asked one lady about it and she refered to my 'exuding an air of calm competence' such that people felt I was in some position of authority or something rather than realizing I was just a committee member.

--Another time, on the way to lunch, someone said "Follow Ms. Murphy, she knows everything!" which was dead embarrasing, 'cause I didn't know exactly how we were supposed to go, having never been there, but we did get there eventually.

I got to meet lots of fun people, and Saturday Jane Irwin showed up! I snatched the opportunity to have dinner with her the last day before she moved to Kalamazoo, which was great.

On Sunday I also met Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, which was a delight. They came in to present this year's literary Mythopoeic awards at the banquet.

A couple hours before the banquet, I was actually asked to introduce Neil, and that was exciting. At first I was at an utter loss, but then I thought of something he'd done I could tell them about and I put it together with some other observations and I thought it worked rather well. And he told me it was lovely, and quite a few other people complimented it as well, so I was pleased.

I may paraphrase it here later, as I did not write it down but did have it nearly memorized in advance, but for now I'm going to lie down for an hour and then hopefully get my neck fixed and the headache with it.

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