Anne (netmouse) wrote,

a small disappointment

You know how, when you watch movies, you can get distracted sometimes by the special effects? Especially if there's a mistake? I have started to get distracted by the editing in books, usually to my disappointment.

On the whole, having got into it a bit slowly, I have been enjoying Blind Lake. I'm getting near the end. The end is always less effectively edited than the rest of a book. I had just passed a missing article a few pages back, and then I stumbled on this inconsistency:

p 354

"[...]her first real long-term relationship, a university affair with a man named Mike Okuda who had also been obsessed with O/BEC images and who once admitted fantasizing, as they made love, that he was under invisible surveillance from other worlds"

"wait," I thought, and flipped backward...

p 205

"Ray had been not only her first husband but her first lover."

So I checked in the front of the book.

"Edited by Teresa Nielsen Hayden"

And I sighed.

I'll finish the book. I might even vote for it for the Hugo. But I'm disappointed, especially since I'm convinced that, given time and the chance to give something her full attention, Teresa is one of the best editors out there.
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