Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I guess I haven't been updating this much lately.

I had a nice visit to Chicago with laura and Catherine. Catherine is smart and beautiful and I had a lot of fun taking her to six flags great America. I'd never been to six flags, and it was a nice excuse.

Sometime it would be nice for laura and I to have a visit where we can talk more.

The weekend went pretty well. Spent a bunch of time on Panels at Contraption, worked on edited publications for Conjose. At some point I wish people would get keen on the fact that sending us an article on time only to send us a complete re-write of that article two days later is not exactly helpful.

Saturday night played frisbee with Bill and went out to see Lilo and Stich, which I really liked. Sunday Bill's back was spasming, which is no fun. I always feel very helpless when he back is out. He gets very unhappy and I have few ways to cheer him up. I made a big salad for dinner last night, which seemed to be appreciated. One day at a time I guess.

Sunday evening was the wedding of Becky Winkler and Binod. That was a fun occassion. The Downeys and the Lovetts were all there. Bill and Josh seemed to hit it off and I really enjoyed kidding around with Louis. Right back to where we left off, as Sue said. (Louis and I were close friends when we were little, though our families didn't get together that often and then gradually less often as we moved around town.)

Back at home I'm trying to get on top of the garden, get house projects under way. I'm sure the summer is going to pass quickly for me. I want to study up on some database stuff, practice using SQL, get my resume out to a few places, remodel the basement, make sure the roof and drainage projects go well, and hopefully visit my aunt adeline, show her the pictures from Spain. What with Joe and Aimee's wedding coming at the beginning of August, and the art fair and then the Confusion concom weekend thing July 27, and soccer twice a week, and Bill's and my trip to California starting August 22 or so, it'll go fast.

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